TK為愛閱讀-素材包-The Contest

英語讀本:《The Contest》



Hey, who can run faster? Come on! Let’s have a contest! Yo, who can jump higher? Who knows? Let’s have a contest. Hello my friend, who can throw the stone farther? You and me, one on one! Let’s have a contest! Be sure that we don’t throw at others. Don’t forget to get online to listen to the story. 是的,請記得上線收聽,TK英語線上說故事,比賽,The Contest。TK English cares your health, reading for love.



課程播放網址:  ( 5/27 晚間8:00首播 )


After the story, let’s think about these questions.聽完故事後,我們來思考一下這些問題:

1. When you win a contest, how do you feel? (當你比賽贏了,感覺怎樣呢?)
2. When you lose a contest, how do you feel? (當你比賽輸了,感覺怎樣呢?)
3. What is your favorite contest? (你最喜歡的比賽是什麼呢?)