TK為愛閱讀-素材包-Wake Up, Bear!

英語讀本:《Wake Up, Bear!》



Hello everyone, I am a brown bear. In the cold night, it's super comfortable to be in the bed! COCK-A-DOODLE-DOO, the rooster is calling; I don't want to get up yet. Ring-ring-ring, the alarm clock is ringing; let me sleep a little bit more. It’s so bright. The sun is rolling high. Just one more minute. Hmm? It smells so good. It's mom making breakfast! Time to get up! Tomorrow, don’t forget to get online to listen to the story. 是的,請記得上線收聽,TK英語線上說故事,熊熊,該起床囉!Wake Up, Bear! TK English cares your health, reading for love.



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After the story, let’s think about these questions.聽完故事後,我們來思考一下這些問題:

1. Getting up is sometimes hard. Do you get up by yourself, or what helps you to get up? (有時候起床是不簡單的事呢!你都是自己起床的嗎,或是什麼可以幫助你起床呢?)
2. What is the first word you say and the first thing you do after getting up? (請問你起床後的第一句話是什麼?做的第一件事又是什麼呢?)
3. During the holidays, do you usually get up early or get up late? Why? (放假的時候,你通常是早起還是晚起呢?為什麼?)