TK為愛閱讀-素材包-Five Seconds to Blastoff!

英語讀本:《Five Seconds to Blastoff!》



The universe is always so desirable. Do you dream of becoming an astronaut? Take your gear, put on your space suit, and get on the rocket. Today, you are the most watched hero! Five Seconds to Blastoff! Let’s count five, four, three, two, one. What would happen to the rocket? Let’s find it out! Tomorrow, don’t forget to get online to listen to the story. 是的,請記得上線收聽,TK英語線上說故事,火箭歷險記,Five Seconds to Blastoff。TK English cares your health, reading for love.



課程播放網址:  ( 5/21 晚間8:00首播 )


After the story, let’s think about these questions.聽完故事後,我們來思考一下這些問題:

1. What do astronauts take to the space? (請問太空人們搭乘什麼上太空呢?)
2. Why won’t the astronaut be going to space today? (為什麼今天太空人們上不了太空了呢?)
3. Please check every page. Who is telling the whole story? (仔細看看每一頁,你覺得這個故事是誰在講的呢?)