TK為愛閱讀-素材包-The Legend of Nian

英語讀本:《The Legend of Nian》



Long time long time ago, there was a beast, a very fierce beast, and its name was Nian. In every Chinese New Year’s Eve, this beast would crawl out of the sea, searching for his food, which was human. How could human deal with this beast? Let’s find it out! Don’t forget to get online to listen to the story. 是的,請記得上線收聽,TK英語線上說故事,年獸的傳說,The Legend of Nian。TK English cares your health, reading for love.



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After the story, let’s think about these questions.聽完故事後,我們來思考一下這些問題:

1. What does Nian look like? (“年”是長什麼樣子呢?)
2. Why were people afraid of Nian? (為什麼人們害怕”年”呢?)
3. How did the old man scare away Nian? (那名老者是如何嚇走”年”的呢?)