What are the five senses? I use my eyes to see the beautiful scenery. I use my ears to listen to the sweet birdsongs. I use my nose to smell the fragrance of flowers. I use my tongue to taste the tasty food. Huh? What is my fifth sense? Ah, I use my skin to touch everything, step on the ground, feel the flow of the wind, and the warmth of the sun. Why don’t we use our five senses to feel the world? Don’t forget to get online to listen to the story. 是的,請記得上線收聽,TK英語線上說故事,我的感官-Senses。TK English cares your health, reading for love.



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After the story, let’s think about these questions.聽完故事後,我們來思考一下這些問題:

1. We use our eyes, ears, noses, tongues, and skin to sense. Check this sentence: “There are beautiful trees and joyful birdsongs in the park.” How many senses are used in this sentence? (我們用眼睛,耳朵,鼻子,舌頭和皮膚進行感知。我們看一下這句話:“公園裡有美麗的樹木和歡快的鳥鳴聲。” 這句話中有使用多少種感官呢?)
2. We have sense actions such as see, listen, smell, taste, and touch. Let’s think, how many sense actions did you use when listening to the online story? (我們有各種感知動作,例如看,聽,聞,嘗和觸摸。想想看,收聽線上故事時,你使用了多少感覺上的動作呢?)
3. Did you enjoy your happy dinner? Let’s think, how could you sense this big dinner? (享受今天的幸福晚餐嗎? 讓我們想想,你是如何感覺這頓豐盛的晚餐的呢?)